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If Water, Inc. shipped your product for your online purchase, it will administer the return goods policy. This policy does not affect your standard 12 month manufacturing warranty for defects in materials or workmanship that is in effect for most all of the products offered for sale on this online site.

Water, Inc. is a distribution center for this store and supports a 30-day, no questions asked return policy for any product purchase that you return that is:

1. Still in original received carton
2. All product components received complete (no missing parts)
3. Original product packaging unopened
4. Never installed
5. Product returned via UPS or similar service

NOTE: If product includes a replacement cartridge or original cartridge for a drinking water system, the sanitary seal must be intact and shown to never have been opened.
A. Due to the nature of this product, no returns will be accepted if these products have been compromised by the act of opening the sanitary seal.
B. Under no circumstance can an Everpure Drinking Water System or cartridge be returned if the product has been installed or not in original packaging.

Please print and complete the section below to insure your product return is properly credited to your account.




City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________________________________

Daytime Phone number:______________Home Phone Number_________________Email:________________

Order Number (must enclose a copy of the order document):__________________________________

Reason for Return:_________________________________________________________________________


Upon receipt, Water, Inc. will inspect the product(s) and if determined to comply with this return policy, will instruct the online coordinator MWRC Internet Sales, to process a credit for your purchase. If your product return request is denied, an email will be sent to you explaining the reason for the denial. Products returned that are denied credit will only be returned to you if you make arrangements to pay for the return or issue a calltag for the product. Water, Inc. will not be responsible for the shipping charges to return products that are denied under this return goods policy.

All products must be returned to Water, Inc., 1044 East Del Amo Blvd., Carson, California, 90746

Shipping charges are your responsibility and Water, Inc. will not accept collect shipments for any return.

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